Primal Fetish – Lily Lou – Batman Captured And Edged To Madness

Lilith is one of the most dangerous “fixers” for hire money can buy. Assassinations, Blackmail, Abuctions, you name it she can do it. Now, the Penguin has hired her to take out the Dark Knight once and for all and in the most vicious way possible. After she captures and restrains the caped crusader she takes her time to tease and edge him to the point of orgasm over and over, only to deny him the release. Yet Batman still feels the shame of giving in every time. Finally when Lilith mocks him one last time Batman escapes, mad with vengeance and lust and fucks Lilith mercilessly. He collapses spent and with all sense of self respect gone while Lilith goes to tell Penguin that her mission was a success

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