Primal Fetish – The Huntress – Taken by the Invisible Stalker – Casey Calvert

After my success with beautiful Batgirl I am completely confident in my invisibility spray. I lay a trap for The scantily clad slut known as The Huntress. Of course, being so bold and confident, she struts right into it. I toy with her, sounds, touches, and of course disarming her one weapon at at time. She goes from confident to panicked and still I take my time before finally putting my ultra-potent rag over her mouth. She struggles but is no more able to stand than poor Batgirl. Now a little rope and I can have my fun with her too…

The Huntress is drugged unconscious, groped and fondled. She then has her hands bound and is forcibly pleasured with a vibrator until she accepts to give a blowjob. Afterwards she gets fucked and given a facial.

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