Primalfetish – Dillion Carter in Huntress – Ambushed by The Contractor

The Huntress has been investigating a pharmaceutical company that my just be responsible for supplying criminals with dangerous designer drugs. She is under cover and gets captured by what appears to be a common burlgar and tied up. She manages to free herself, but the villain gets her again and this time strips her down to her nylons leaving her bound.. This time she can’t get free, and must instead escape the building bound and nearly naked. Now the Huntress is in her full costume, she goes to the companies lab and gets the drop on the Contractor, who had earlier been posing as a common burglar to destroy evidence at the companies main office. She threatens and questions him, but, he turns the tables and she is captured again. After that it’s all downhill for The Huntress. She gets tied to a chair and she is made to orgasm by an hitachi. But thats not enough oh no, after the humiliation she also gets fucked for 10 minutes in missionary. After all that the biggest humiliation was yet to come, The Contractor removes her Mask and spurts her face with a big load of cum.

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