Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Alex Coal – Black Lightning: Captured and Drained by Livewire

Black Lighting finally has a lead on where Tobias Whale has been hiding, however instead of his arch-nemesis he is confronted by Livewire! Black Lightning steps back, he knows his electric powers are worse than useless against the insane super-villainess. His only choice will be to use brute force but, she is still a woman, and a third his size. Finally he has no choice but Livewire is ready for his and uses her powers to drain his strength until he is out.

Black Lightning wakes up stripped and shackled, he is too weak to escape and Livewire begins to tease and seduce him. She might be out of her mind, but Livewire knows how to turn a man on. She plans to drain Black Lightning will and his powers. As much as he tries to resist Black Lighting surrenders to the villianesses mouth and tongue (blowjob & handjob).

Black Lightning has almost no strength left and barely any will to resist. Livewire teases and dominates him sensually and then uses his huge hero cock for her own pleasure (cowgirl) before forcing him to fill her with his cum, and the last of his power.

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