Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Blake Blossom – Camping with Daddy

Part One

An unexpected cold front has forced Blake and her Dad to share a sleeping bag for warmth. It is supposed to pass by morning but in the meantime they are desperate to battle the freezing cold. Blake convinces dad that they have to huddle up skin to skin to share body heat. Her dad is reluctant but it is FREEZING so he gives in, she even gets his underwear off. He tries to turn his back to her but Blake cuddles up on top of him. her big blue eyes stare intently as she starts to move slowly, and she feels her dads get hard against her. She is dripping wet and reaches down, sliding him in. Dad tries to resist but as she moans at the feeling of his cock slipping deep in her he can only groan at how hot and TIGHT her 19 year old pussy is. It doesn’t take long with Blake riding her dad’s thick cock for her to start to cum, and he can’t last any longer and cums deep in her. They fall asleep with his cock, and cum, still inside her

The next morning Blake wakes up, the tent full of the mornings warmth and slides inside the sleeping bag sucking her dad awake so they can fuck again out of the covers. Covered in dad’s cum Blake goes outside to wash up

Part Two

Blake is glowing from her night and morning with dad. The night before, when she cuddled on top of him moving her body, making hims SO HARD and her self so dripping wet that she could reach down and slide dad’s thick cock inside her before he could stop her, she thought that was the best sex of her life. They both came in minutes. Then, in the morning when she slid down into the sleeping back and sucked him awake, he was SO PASSIONATE, she never knew she could CUM SO HARD. She thinks about all this as she bathes herself, nude in nature, and she can’t help but touch herself. Dad wakes up and watches her from above, comming down as she climaxes. Blake wants to wash and pamper him and dad lets her, she asks if he can do it again so soon and dad doesn’t thinks so, but Blake doesn’t mind using her mouth to see if maybe he can. Dad gets hard fast and she can’t help but be proud that her dad has more stamina than guys half his age. Somehow the sex is even better, dad uses his tongue to make her come like no guy her age ever could and then he fucks her perfectly until finally he can’t hold back and fills her young pussy till it overflows

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