Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Gianna Gem – Daughter Wants To Take Mom’s Place

Part One

Gianna has been really glad that her mom left. She loves having her dad all to herself, and, when her dad is dealing with stress from work, she wants to really replace mom, and do all the things her mom used to do before she became an ungrateful bitch that didn’t appreciate how great the man of the house is

Part Two

Gianna is getting exactly what she wants and she isn’t going to stop. Being on a date with her dad is so exciting, he is nervous about how she looks at him and touches him in public, but no one can see them in the dark theater and having had her dad’s thick cock in her hands has only made her want it more. She uses her mouth and worships his cock the way it deserves swallowing as much of his huge load as she can.

Part Three

Gianna has decided tonight is the night. She puts on her prettiest bra and panties and waits in her dads bed slowly touching herself. He tries to talk her out of what she is thinking, but she doesn’t let up, she knows how much he has to want it too

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  • David 2 years ago

    Hi there, Fetishman. I must give a gracious ‘thank you’ for your efforts in running and maintaining this site. Your kindness is heartfelt and deeply appreciated. Thank you for providing people with free fetish films as such – it is no secret that the content in which we love to indulge is nothing short of expensive. However, I find myself desperately needing to ask a favour from you. Unfortunately, one of the videos you have uploaded has become obsolete; this video is one I have searched for, for over 2 years now. I have tried every website, every search engine and every torrent – but to no avail. The video can only be found on one site: Yours. This video is entitled “You Will Be My Bitch Now” (Brazile Female Submission) and has been removed from your site due to inactivity. I would really appreciate if you could send me this video, or upload it somehow. I will repay you in a way you deem appropriate. Please help to end my desperation! A heartfelt thank you in advance – David.

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      You’re very welcome my friend, As you wished we re-uploaded this video, I hope you enjoy it.