Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Hollie Martinez – Getting Along With Step-Sister

Hollie’s completely commandeered the whole living room just for her workout machine. Rion isn’t having any of it. His step-sister is blocking the TV, and she doesn’t even care about being in the way. He pulls her off the machine to move it back into the garage, but Hollie fights back. She’s not going to take this from her step-brother. The two fall onto the couch and grapple for control. His step-sister’s stronger than he thought. Actually, looking down at her pinned beneath him, she’s hotter than he remembered…

Hollie’s body is tired and sore from the gym. Since they’ve been getting along better, she asks her step-brother for a massage to help ease the tension in her muscles. But the tension between the siblings is strong as Rion’s hands start to wander. They can’t go back to how things used to be. Hollie and Rion need each other and prove it by dry humping before having sex in various positions on the couch.

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