Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Richelle Ryan – Gold Digging Step-Mom Uses Sex to Persuade Her Son

Part 1

Richelle’s sone Jay is VERY smart and his new idea is going to make him a lot of money. Richelle insisted on going with him on his first negotiations, he’s like his father, very smart and hardworking, but not good at asserting himself so she takes charge and she. Now that they are home, she wants to make sure that no young gold digging clut is going to get her hooks in him so she decides to show him that mom is all he needs for … everything

Part 2

Jay comes in to talk to his mom. He assets himslef about how she is handling his money and she tries to be firm but when he talks about going on a date she uses her incredible body and older woman’s skills to make him remember that he doesn’t need any other girl in his life

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