Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Scarlett Mae – Jealous Step-Sister

Scarlett finds out her step-brother Rion has been hooking up with one of her “friends” she is suddenly SO angry and…Jealous? She goes to his room to confront him and realizes he is laying there about to “phone” bone with the stupid little slut. Scarlett isn’t even thinking straight with how she reacts

Things were great with Rion for a while, they were having great sex the every second they were alone together and Rion was being a total sweetheart every day. But then, just like a guy, Rion was taking the whole thing for granted. Scarlett loves her step-brother, and she REALLY loves the new relationship they have, so one night, when Rion assumes they are just going to hang out, she gets dressed up sexy to go on a date

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