Primal’s Taboo Sex – Melissa Moore – Daddy’s Girl

Melissa has been spending a lot of time alone and is beginning to feel kind of lonely. She’s always had a thing for her dad, and today she came up with a plan to tamper with his morning coffee. When he comes down to drink it, he notices her cleaning the kitchen in skin tight yoga pants. He can’t help but look at her sexy figure. After he drinks his coffee, he decides to watch some TV on the couch- that’s when his “special coffee” starts to have an effect on him. Melissa comes over to curl up next to him and he tries to conceal it, but she knows he has a raging hard on, and she’s going to take advantage of him.

Melissa and her Dad go away for a little while, but to his surprise, the hotel room he got them has only one small twin bed. He calls the front desk and it seems that is the only room available. As he’s trying to fall asleep, Melissa cannot keep herself from laying up next to him and rubbing his body. She asks if he’s having trouble sleeping and if he had any of the coffee she made him. He’s says he had 3 cups and she chuckles, knowing that it’s her “special” concoction. She comes onto him strong, and as he tries to push away, he cannot control his urges. She knows she can and will have him in every way she wants him.

Melissa sneaks into her Dad’s room to wake him up with a little surprise- an oral surprise.

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