PrimalsTransformations – Vampire Protege – Gathering a Coven (Part 1 and 2)

Athena Faris
Alex Cole
Lacey Lennon

Part 1 – Girl/Girl Lesbian Vampires

Poor Athena. She has been infatuated with Rion the class superboy forever. Straight “A” student, Homecoming King and of course the schools All-Star Quarterback. And to top it off he is a really nice guy. He’s been helping her study till after dark every day for the past week. He doesn’t even get that she is only acting like she needs help to get his attention. Athena sometimes wonders if he KNOWS he’s perfect and isn’t as humble as he pretends. But either way she can’t help practically throwing herself at him.

Right in the middle of what is turning into a humiliating rejection Athena’s friend Alex comes in, at least, she thinks it is Alex, if she somehow turned into some kind of movie star. Athena is enchanted and the next thing she knows she is standing in Alex’s living room (when did Alex get her own place?) Alex circles her and Athena is feeling dizzy and…so aroused…and confused…then she loses herself to pleasure and lust and then sudden ecstasy mixed with agony and everything goes black

Part 2 – Boy/Girl/Girl Threesome

Alex has this…NEED…to form a circle of girls like her…shunned…ignored…gorgeous, at least once they let their true selves out. She knows that Athena will have a hunger that can only be satisfied by the one that caused the strongest emotions in her, lust, rage, helplessness or a delicious mixture. In Athena’s case Alex knows just who to bring to her

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