Princess Lyne – Bikini Goddess Tease & Denial (Part 1)

My last “Bikini Tease & ; Denial ” series ended too quickly … so I ’m giving it another go. This time I lay out a strict set of edging instructions that you must follow daily. With each new clip addition , you will have more rules to follow. And we all know how you can ’t deny My requests … especially when I ’m wearing a skimpy little bikini. Don ’t even THINK I ’m going to let you GET OFF easy this time. OOOOOH NOOOO! This time I ’m going to make you so sexually frustrated … you will do just about ANYTHING for a release. I ’ll make you beg and plead , over and over , and I ’ll still probably just deny you! LOL! It doesn ’t even matter because no mater what , you will obey My commands and follow along with the game … no cumming until I say so! Ready?? Let ’s go …

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