Robomeats – Accidents Happen – Jazzy Jamison

Rock is sitting on his bed watching tv after work when his girlfriend Jazzy walks in, hi baby, Rock says greeting her. But Jazzy isn’t amused, y is she still talking to you and writing on your Facebook?!? Rock is confused, I’m not talking to anyone else baby, you have to trust me!But Jazzy isn’t backing down, if she doesn’t mean anything to you then you should have no reason not to delete her from Facebook after you said you would!Rock gets up and tries to work with her to help her understand he only wants to be with his Jazzy cakes but she pushes him back. Rock puts his hands up to block Jazzy’s hits but pushes back too hard and she falls back into the wall knocking her . Jazzy? Wake up baby! Rock pleads with her to wake up. He carries her limp body to the bed and tries to revive her yet again, but she is . As Rock is rubbing her body he is getting aroused and slowly starts undressing her starting with her shoes and working his way up finally arriving at her pink lacy panties. Rock rips them off and shoves his cock into her pussy. They fuck in different positions and after cumming inside her tight pussy he gets up and walks off letting her sleep it off.

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