RoboMeats – Penny Pax – Deep Tissue Massage

Penny has been recommended to see Miles, a masseuse, by one of her friends. She goes to his massage parlor and strips down and gets on the table. Miles starts to massage her and tells her that he can give her a little bit extra relief if she’d like, Penny doesn’t quite understand what he is talking about, until he offers to fuck her, which she is not into at all.

She stands up and tries to leave, but Miles freezes her with his timestop watch. He poses her a bit, then pulls out his cock and starts to fuck the timestopped Penny.

He lays her down on the table and pounds her frozen pussy, then fucks her standing up, then lays her back on the table for some more fucking

He gets closer to cumming, but doesn’t want her frozen for it, so he untimestops her and she tries to get away while he pounds her, cumming inside of her, then timestops her again and leaves her on his table

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