Jazzy comes home to find Rock, almost naked, sleeping in her bed. He tells her to shut up; he is such an annoying roommate. There must have been a threesome in the room because there are cum stains everywhere. He spins a pathetic yarn about the circumstances of last night. He can’t take her shrill tone and freezes her as she climbs up onto the bed to kick him off. He lays back down and gets some rest.

When he awakens he remembers what he has done, and he’s going to be in quite a bit of trouble. He decides he is already in so deep, he might as well have some fun.

He poses Jazzy, stripping her and putting her where he pleases. He lays down on his back and shoves his cock into her throat, pushing her head down deep. He walks around behind her and fucks her as her mouth remains open, just waiting for his cock to come back.

He lays her down and fucks her frozen body, lifting her and placing her down reverse cowgirl, his cock ramming her tight pussy. He spins her around and puts her hands on the headboard and makes her ride him, his hands spreading her ass. She rides him until he cums.

Finished, he pushes her over onto the bed and keeps her there, her legs spread, for a session late in the day

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