Robomeats – The Snobby Scientist – Zoey Laine

STARRING: Zoey Lane and Eric John

Eric tries his best to ask the scientist Zoey out on a date, but she is just to snobby to even give him a chance. All she pays attention to is the watch she has been working on. Desperate to get Zoeys attention Eric snatches the watch from her hands and starts to play with it unknowing what its real power is. Eric hits the right button and zap Zoey is frozen. Quickly he realizes what this really means, that he can finally have all the fun he wants with her. First he starts posing her. Then soon he undresses her.Looking so sexy under her lap coat he continues to play with the toy he always wanted. Freezing and unfreezing her, he takes is time getting back at her for being so snobby. Kissing her and touching her as he slowly strips her down. He takes off her skirt and tights and putting her on the table to get a taste of her sweet wet pussy. He like how perfect her pussy is and needs more. His cock already hard he pulls it out of his pants and slides it into Zoeys tight dripping pussy. Fucking her in all the positions hes aways wanted, he even takes the time to fuck her mouth. At last finishing on her tits, covering her in all his cum. He walks away with his new watch, Zoey still covered in cum on the table.

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