Robomeats – Wenona – Boyfriend Timestop

Wenona and Danny – Wenona is all dressed up with nowhere to go, her boyfriend Danny is coming over to take her out. When he gets there he tells her that he wants to stay in, so she tries to bribe him with a blowjob, she gets him close to cumming then stops and tells him that he will get the rest once they get back, but Danny isn’t done yet, so he stops time with his timestop watch and starts to strip her, then he eats her frozen pussy for a little bit, then he lays her down and starts to fuck her all over the couch. Then he shoves his hard dick in her frozen mouth then goes back to fucking her till he cums inside of her. He then restarts time and is ready to go out, but Wenona is done with her timestopping boyfriend and tells him to leave

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