Robomeats – Wenona – Hot Tub Timestopper

Wenona and Danny – Wenona wants to soak, so late at night she sneaks into someones back yard and turns on their hot tub. Getting hot from the titillating pressure of the jets, she starts to rub her tight pussy, moaning loudly over the sound of the jets. Danny, fast resting, wakes up to her moans and rushes outside. He tells her that he is sick of girls using his hit tub without his permission, so he uses a timestop app on his phone, freezing her. Danny, doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is a little creepy, so now with his new Wenonea doll, he can do what ever he likes, he strips her and plays with her hot body, then he fucks her in the tub and out until he cums inside of her

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