Samatha Rone – Piss covered anal

As I get dressed in my clothes, I know what is about to happen. I put on the attire for my day. I have it i my closet just waiting there for me. But today isn’t like everyday. Im going to piss into a bowl and pour it all over myself and get fucked in the ass covered in my own urine. I remove my shoes as I carefully put them on and squat over this crystal clear bowl and I wait for the urge and it happens I start to have my hot stream of piss come out. The bowl changes shade and I can feel the warmth of my piss in the bowl and the heat just seemed to radiate from it as well as the smell. I giggle as I pee. I can feel the splash touching my legs like kisses. Then Im cover in urine and all I want is a cock in my mouth. He starts slow than it gets deep in my throat and I can taste my piss on my lips as I suck his cock. My hair is soaked. Than I get fucked roughly in my ass and I love every second of it!!!

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