Sheena Ryder – Stepmoms After Workout Massage Complete Series

My dad had been working a lot more lately and my mom invited me to workout with her in our home gym in the garage. After a few days of working out I complained about how hot it was in the garage and Sheena agreed. she smiled and asked if she could tell me a secret, she said when it was her and my dad working out they would both be nude. I was pretty turned on by the idea of her working out naked and before I realized what I was saying I just did it. I told her if she wanted to workout with less clothing or even naked I was fine with it! She smiled and thanked me. The next day when we were working out she complained about it being super hot and I reminded her about what I had said yesterday and she got a big smile then stripped to her bra and panties and continued with the workout. The next day after we finished our workout and with her wearing her bra and panties I complained about how sore I was. She mentioned that normally after she worked out with my dad they would hit the showers and take turns giving each other massages. she said she would be down for that if I was and I eagerly agreed! first I rubbed down her naked body then she put on a sexy silk robe and rubbed mine. I’m pretty sure she saw my dick poking out from under the towel a few times, I can’t wait for our next workout and massage together. This is part 1 of moms After Workout Massage, this series stars Sheena Ryder. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife CFNM Nude Naked Massage Tease Scene, there is no sex in this episode.

I was early in the morning and I was feeling super sore but I headed to the garage for my workout. When I opened the door to the garage I was rewarded for sticking to my workout. My sexy mom Sheena was working out in her bra and panties! We made a little small talk and she finished her set but when she set the weight down she apologized to me, saying she was just too uncomfortable and needed to take her top off. before I could even respond she took her bra off and I got a great view of her beautiful shiny tits. she told me I was up but before I got started I asked her if she was cool with me getting more comfortable, she told me to go agreed. so without missing a beat I dropped my shirt and shorts, I was completely naked and I’m pretty sure my mom gave me a good look up and down. As we went through our workout Sheena ended up dropping her panties too so by the end of our workouts we were both sweaty, sore and naked. We both agreed to hit the showers and then meet up in her room for some mutual massage time. When I walked into her room I was stopped in my tracks by what I was, she was lying face down on her bed completely naked .Yeah I had just seen her naked in the gym but now she was naked in her bed. I mentioned that she was naked and she smiled and said she didn’t see the point with covering up since we worked out naked. with that I started massaging her body, I did her front and back then she told me it was my turn. Once she finished with my back she told me to flip over while she rubbed my front. my dick was rock hard and bobbing while she rubbed my thigh, I knew she could see it so I decided to just say it. I told her I was sorry and she smiled and said it was fine, I was a young man and I had just worked out so erections happen. I told her it was actually because of her, she didn’t seem to believe that I was attracted to someone as old as her. I spent some time convincing her and when she finally believed me she said she was flattered. Then she asked if it would go away in time for me to go to school, I told her now and that I was usually in some discomfort most of the day. she told me if we could keep it a secret she would be willing to help me, I agreed. for the next few minutes my beautiful mom jerk me off, I can’t wait for our next after workout massage! This is part 2 of moms After Workout Massage, this series stars Sheena Ryder. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Nude Naked Massage Handjob scene.

I walked into the garage for my morning workout with my mom Sheena and just like yesterday I got a nice surprise when I opened the door. Sheena was working out complete naked! I played it cool as I could, she told me to strip down and jump in on a set with her and I did! Once our workouts were finished we both hit the showers separately and then met up in the master bedroom completely naked for our mutual massage time. I rubbed her down first then she did me. Once she had me on my back side she noticed my dick was hard and asked me if I wanted some help releasing that “tension” as well. I told her yes I did but then we realized we didn’t have any massage oil left. Sheena thought about it for a minute and then said she could try something else if I promised again to keep it a secret and I did. then she started sucking my dick and didn’t stop till she had swallowed my nut. This is part 3 of moms After Workout Massage, this series stars Sheena Ryder. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Workout Massage Nude Naked Deepthroat Blowjob scene.

This morning when I walked into the garage for my morning workout with my mom Sheena I was feeling extra horny. So when I opened the door and found her naked except for some thigh high socks and running shoes I was pretty excited but instead of working out she was stretching, we made a little small talk and she told me that today was a day off. She said the massages had been helping but she needed a rest day. After we both stretched for a while she told me that we had become pretty good gym buddies and she mentioned that she had been helping me with my “releases” after our workouts. I agreed that she had been great and she said today she needed my help with a release! my dick got hard and I told her I was happy to help! first we titty fucked in the gym, then we fucked in the gym then we took the party back to her bedroom where we continued to fuck until I came deep into her pussy! I look forward to our morning workouts all the time now! This is part 4 of Moms After Workout Massages, this series stars Sheena Ryder. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Workout Gym Nude Naked Titty Fuck Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Scene.

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