It has been 15 years since her mother’s capture and disappearance, and young Solaria wears her mother’s symbol with pride. An informant called Razor contacts her saying he has information about her mother. After pumping Razor for info, he gives up a name and a location. When arriving at the location, she finds Razor is already present. It turns out Razor isn’t just a common informant, but rather a lab created super soldier designed from the DNA of Solaria’s mother and the Grand Master who was responsible for her mother’s capture. When another soldier calling himself Dismal arrives, the balance of power begins to swing out of favor for young Solaria. Solaria has spent her entire life looking into her mother’s disappearance, but clearly the soldiers knew she was coming. How much will young Solaria sacrifice just to know the details of her mother’s demise, and is she strong enough to survive?

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