Star’s boyfriend recently left her for Larkin and she’s certain that there could only be one reason why. When Star shows up at Larkin’s door, Larkin mistakenly believes that she must be there to congratulate her on the engagement. Skipping the pleasantries, Star soaks a cloth with chloroform while Larkin talks. She can’t believe the engagement wasn’t just a rumor. She clamps the wet cloth over Larkin’s nose and mouth, cursing her as her eyes flutter shut.

Star examines the ring, digging through the various steel tools she brought. She finds the correct one and uses it to cut the ring off of Larkin’s finger. Larkin is horrified when she comes to & Star shows off her handiwork. Larkin insists that he loves her, but Star knows she just trapped him. She knocks Larkin out again and begins to strip her, bouncing her limp limbs around in her hands. When Larkin regains a bit of consciousness, Star pretends to help her as she preps her for her at home medical procedure.

With Larkin knocked out again, Star lays out her tools – speculum, forceps, curette. When her boyfriend finds out Larkin was lying about being pregnant, he’ll come running back to her. Larkin awakes just in time to see Star putting away her tools. Star quickly puts Larkin back out, leaving her a nude, drooling mess.

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