Star Nines Fetish Fantasies – The Nightcap feat. Star Nine & Dixie Comet

Dixie invites herself in after an evening out with Star. She plays with Star’s freshly showered, limp body, carrying her to the bed & then playing with her before tucking her in.

Star has been having fun with Dixie and while Dixie wants to have a nightcap, Star says no because shes tired and exhausted but just as shes about to close the door on Dixie, Star gets a phone call and walks into her apartment. This gives Dixie the chance to swiper Star’s apartment keys from her purse and then say farewell. Star now goes into the shower to clean up and she masturbates in the shower. Unknown to her Dixie is now in her apartment and mixes something into her wine sitting on the bathroom counter. Once Star gets out and has some wine she gets a bit dizzy and falls to the floor. Half unconscious Dixie keeps asking who is there as she is groped but Dixie adds some of the potion into her mouth directly making her go fully unconcious. She then lifts Star and throws her on the bed. Now completely limp and out, Dixie sucks on Stars tits and plays with her pussy. She then puts on a strapon and fucks Star in Missionary and Prone bone all the while as Star is still knocked out. Once she is done, she gets off and leaves.

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