Superheroine Peril: Wonder Woman vs Baroness Morgana feat. Christina Carter, Diana Knight & Randy Moore

Super-Heroines have been disappearing from earth at an alarming rate and Wunder Woman (Christina Carter) is on the case. She has piloted her invisible jet to the Baroness Morgana’s (Diana Knight) spacecraft orbiting earth. Once on board Wunder Woman searches for the missing super-heroines knowing that she will eventually encounter the evil Baroness along the way. Morgana and her minion Selestra (Randy Moore) bring the fight to Wunder Woman. The fight is long and packed with low blows. Wunder Woman is at a loss to understand Morgana and Selestra’s superior strength. She fights the good fight but is soundly defeated and left to here her fate and Morgana’s plans as her prisoner. Wunder Woman is stripped of her powers and her pride. Morgana’s plan is to do with Wunder Woman what she’s done with the rest of the captured super-heroines, sell them as sex slaves throughout the universe. First, Wunder Woman will have to endure the training. This clip contains: an extended female fighting scene, super-heroine peril, female domination, rope bondage, bondage furniture, ball-gag, humiliation, stripping, forced orgasm, strap-on penetration and oral servitude.

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