The Smuggling Stewardess – Parts 1 & 2

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In the first story, Asian air stewardess Tia was captured by Kelli when she decided to try increasing her cut of the diamond smuggling operation she was involved in. Kelli calls her boss who tells her to bring T...

Fresh Frozen Females – Tina First Freezes

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Welcome Tina, a first-time trainee. No worries because she is one of the best we've encountered, especially when it comes to freezing. You'll see in these clips that she is completely unaware that sh...

Fresh Frozen Females – Dianne Milana Rael Voodoo Doll

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In this next clip, the girls can be controlled by using one of them as a voodoo doll to control the actions or sensations of another. For example, if she tickles the voodoo doll the doll will not feel ...