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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Riley Reid – Father’s Seduction

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ony's daughter has been making him uncomfortable. She was barely out of diapers when he married her mom, but the way she is flaunting herself...she isn't acting like a daughter at all. Tony has no idea how far R...

Primals Transformations – Riley Reid – My Demon Daughter

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Riley has loved and hated her "dad" for a long time. Sure her mom married him when she was to young to even talk, but it doesn't give him the right to boss her around and judge her. More than that though, he mak...

Primals Transformations – Riley Reid – Savage Cat Transformation

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Riley is a good girlfriend, but she is very shy, and not really too...adventurous. She tries a new perfume..."Wild Cat" that is supposed to make a girl feel more aggressive and uninhibited. It works, m...