TBFE – Lexi belle – Destroyed

SG is tracking Dolorfer, an extremely dangerous villain who is simply stronger and faster than our heroine. He has captured, tortured, humiliated and killed numerous heroines, picking them off one by one. SG is the strongest heroine he’s ever fought. He’s come prepared, understanding his opponent, and taking advantage of her weaknesses physically and sexually. He doesn’t need special powers or gadgets to tear her apart. Blow by blow, he weakens SG, and although she puts in a valiant effort, it’s not long before she’s wondering what she’s got herself into. With every hit, she finds herself growing weaker and more concerned. She finally realizes how Dolorfer overpowered all the heroines before her, but the realization is too late. Find out if SG survives her encounter, or if she finds herself instead utterly humiliated and completely destroyed.

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