The Maid – Star Nine, Dixie Comet, Whitney Morgan

Featuring Star Nine, Dixie Comet & Whitney Morgan. Dixie Comet is sick of her well paid housekeeping job. She hatches a plan to take over the entire household and trade places with her employer – Star Nine. Dixie hands Star her evening libation and asks about her day as she finishes some dusting. Soon Star is limp on the couch. Dixie ties her up & is groping her tits as she comes to. To Dixie’s amusement, Star seems to like this treatment. She resists, but not much, especially when Dixie reminds her that she has no idea what she is capable of. Dixie trains Star a bit for her amusement, having her crawl towards her before ordering her to strip, walk, and then jog in place for her. Later, Star is dressed again. Dixie suggests it would be fun for Star to clean her own house for a change. Star obviously enjoys the way Dixie is touching her & seeks some release with the vacuum cleaner while Dixie is away. The fun is over when Star catches Dixie filming her with her cellphone & is blackmailed into signing over her entire estate to her former maid! Dressed in a French Maid uniform, Star rubs Dixie’s feet as she enjoys a beverage on the couch. Dixie comments on Star’s natural submission & makes a proposition to prove her point. Star can either have all of her property back, but Dixie will leave and she will never see her again. OR, Star can go upstairs while Dixie calls her most bitter rival over to see her in her new station. Star slowly walks upstairs.

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