Xev Bellringer & Princess Leia – Party Sluts Creampied

You couldn’t take it anymore. You were trying so hard not to stare at all of those sexy babes in skimpy, lacy lingerie at the party… you’d hate for your wife to see the raging boner in your pants. This was your only chance. You HAD to get to your bedroom to jerk off. But it wasn’t your wife who saw you leave… Xev barges in, closes the door behind her, and confronts you about your stiff cock in hand. She already knows… she likes it. Her hands playfully trace her red bra as she coaxes that eager erection back out. She wants it badly. The wife’s busy downstairs after all. Xev giggles and drops to her knees, taking your fat cock into her mouth. Until the knock at the door interrupts her. It could be your wife, Xev rushes to hide in the closet. But it’s not your wife strutting into the room wearing a tight, black little number. Leia… pushes close to you, lustfully moaning about how she’s wanted you all night long. She can’t wait any longer. She needs your cock parting her lips right now. You let her take your shaft in her wet mouth, knowing full well that Xev is watching everything. It doesn’t take long for her to bust out of the closet in a fit of jealousy. SHE was there first, so SHE should get dibs on your cock and cum! Xev knows about Leia’s reputation… if she had gone on much longer, you would have blown a big, fat load deep into Leia’s throat. Xev is certain she could milk you faster… but how quickly could the BOTH of them make you cum… together? The two girls sandwich your thick cock between their soft mouths, gently kissing and tonguing your bulbous head until Xev can’t take it. She needs to feel you pushing into her pussy. Leia cradles Xev’s round ass, pushes the panties to the side, and slips your aching cock into her wet slit. Xev moans in ecstasy as she undulates her hips against you… until only minutes later, you fill her up with hot cum. It oozes and drips out of her pussy, making Leia hot with jealousy. It was HER turn next. She takes Xev’s place and slides down onto your sensitive, hard cock. Leia wouldn’t leave without a creampie, and Xev would help her get it. She pushes back against you, each thrust into her tight pussy brings you closer and closer to a second orgasm… deep inside her. It feels too good, and you empty another hot, sticky load into the slut. Such sweet, eager pussies taking so much cum… But they aren’t done with you yet. You haven’t used their mouths yet… and how can they allow you to go back to the party until they TASTE you, swallow you… savor you?? Your cock can’t lie… your shaft swells up against their playful, wet lips and tongues. The sluts need your hot cum… one… last… time.

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