Xev Bellringer – Slutbot Step-Sister

My step-sister is so hot, I just had to fuck her. If it weren’t for her stuck up attitude, she’d probably open her legs for me like a good slut. Luckily, I didn’t need her permission – I built a slutbot conversion chamber out of the hot tub, stole one of her shoes and tossed it into the spa as bait. As soon as my step-sister reached into the water, the cycle initiated and sucked her whole body into the machine.

My step-sister was gone, replaced entirely by nanobots… and I am her new Master. Her only goal is to please me sexually whenever and however I want, just like a good slutbot should. To test the unit’s effectiveness, I ordered her to grope her big tits through her skin tight dress. It was so hot to watch my perfect, obedient sex toy do as she’s told. I finally get to use my step-sister like I’d always dreamed of.

I sent her to the bed and told her to touch her pussy…to masturbate in front of me. My slutbot step-sister informed me that she could cum on command, but I wanted to witness the unit have a natural orgasm. Watching her body shudder in pleasure made me instantly hard. I moved to the bed and had my slutbot wrap her wet lips around my swollen, twitching dick. Finally seeing my step-sister’s head bobbing up and down on my shaft was too much, so I blew my load all over her face.

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