Xev Bellringer – The Fluffer 2

Thank you so much for including me in your porn production, Mr. Director, I’m very excited to be working along side the legendary Hank Rammer. Oh! We’re rolling now?


“Well, well, well if it ain’t the notorious outlaw Hank Rammer himself. You’ve got some balls showing your face in my brothel after what you pulled. I don’t know what makes you think I’ll let you and your posse share company with my girls. You’ve got an ‘ailment’ that can only be cured by having sex? That sounds like a fabrication and a half…But I’ll make you a deal…show me what caliber you’re packin’ and if I like what I see, my girls will ‘cure’ your crew on the house.”

Did…did you like my performance Mr. Director? This is so much fun! I better get you hard for the next scene, Mr. Rammer, let me just suck on your cock mmm…Wow that didn’t take long did it, I must be pretty a pretty good fluffer! We’re rolling already?

“Let’s see if the rumors are true, Hank Rammer. Oh my God…you ARE hung, ain’t you. Well then…you won’t mind if I just…go on ahead and cure you of your illness. That’s it, you bad boy, fuck my cunt!”

Ohhhh! Oh no, did you already cum Mr. Rammer? I’m so sorry for ruining the shoot Mr. Director, I guess my pussy was a little too tight. Are you SURE you can go again Mr. Rammer?? Wow, you really are the legend!

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