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Daphne’s Fantasies – The Anniversary

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Daphne's Fantasies - The Anniversary Starring: Fiona Sprouts, Alison Rey and Robby Apples, with special appearances by Electra Rayne and Henri Tisserand. Fiona wants to get him a very special present for t...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Defend Yourself

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Daphne's Fantasies - Defend Yourself Starring Avery Jane, Skylar Snow, Electra Rayne and Henri Tisserand Are you prepared to defend yourself against evil control? If not, Skylar and Avery are here to expla...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Unleashed – Electra Rayne

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Daphne's Fantasies - Unleashed - Electra Rayne She likes sex well enough, but her low libido is kind of a problem in her relationship. Fortunately, there is a fix for that… and soon, she's a raging nymphomaniac!

Daphne’s Fantasies – Housing Crisis 7

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Daphne's Fantasies - Housing Crisis 7 Fiona has her friend Electra over. Electra's curious what Fiona has been up to, and Fiona has something just amazing to show her. Soon, Electra and Fiona are engaged in a g...