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Daphne’s Fantasies – Prompts, Part 1

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 Daphne's Fantasies - Prompts, Part 1 Starring: Katie Morgan, Paisley Porter, Will Pounder and Sintra Sheridan Holly has started using Paula's and Max' pool, and Max is… intrigued by this. But how to even ge...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Mouth Magic

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Daphne's Fantasies - Mouth Magic A magician has left a magical device hanging in the woods! Any woman who touches it is compelled to search him out and… service him orally. Like you do!

Daphne’s Fantasies – Flashback

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Daphne's Fantasies - Flashback Kylina is still having flashbacks to the all of the terrible things her ex-boyfriend did to her head and mental state. Fortunately, her new girlfriend Gina is very sympathetic, an...

Daphne Fantasies – Crystal Clear

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Daphne Fantasies - Crystal Clear It is really, really boring in lockdown, but Martin has mail-ordered a magic pendant. Soon, his platonic roommates are finding new and interesting ways of spending the time… Sta...