Adriana Chechik – The Hands of Man (Part 1) (Rye Films)

Wonderous Woman tries to take down The Cartel but their new super human implants prove to be more than she can handle! Wonderous Woman is slowly defeated and enjoyed by each of her male opponents.

The Cartel, a shadowy global criminal organization lead by a mysterious, never before seen individual simply named “The Controller”, have suffered a number of recent setbacks at the hands of Wondrous Woman. In a recent bold move however, they have managed to steal a number of top secret cybernetic implants from a government research facility that greatly enhance the strength of a human being.

The IADC has urgently been trying to track down the stolen parts, fearing that in the hands of the Cartel they could be sold on the black market to America’s enemies or used by the Cartel to give themselves a dangerous advantage, making them almost unstoppable and perhaps even strong enough to take on the mighty Amazon Princess herself…

This video contains a beatdown, humiliation and bondage, tit fondling and pussy rubbing, simulated tied-up doggystyle and missionary sex and simulated blowjob and cum in mouth.

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