Alana Rose vs. Areallyweakguy – Sex Tape

I’ve been getting asked so much about this vid since I announced that we collabed and I’m super excited to announce that it’s here at last  The entire vid is mostly POV which makes it even hotter… I start off by giving his HUGE bbc a blowjob and then proceed to slip it in my tight pussy in missionary… this angle has to be one of my favorites throughout because the way you can see my lips grip is phenomenal!!! I give his dick a tight hug the entire time we fuck and omg is it visible.. He eats me out a bit and then proceeds to give my pussy a good fucking… and by this point my cheeks are SO red and I look so desperate to take more  Not long after, I hop on and do what I do best… RIDING (and lots of it)! I give him a run for his money and you can just HEAR how much he’s enjoying me. You get to see my ass recoil in doggy and while I ride until he finishes all over my innocent face on the balcony! I was so sore after this… what’s stopping you from seeing why?
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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