Alyssa Reece - I Want To Piss My Pants In The Car

Alyssa Reece – I Want To Piss My Pants In The Car

Alyssa is in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s car, he just picked her up. She says she is so excited to spend the day together and asks him what he wants to do first. He says maybe they can go for a walk on the beach or go to the mall.Alyssa then announces that she has to pee really badly. Her boyfriend tells her to use the bathroom but she says she wants to pee her pants.He tells her that if she pees her pants, he won’t be taking her out for dinner.She tries to plead with him to let her pee her pants, saying how bad it’s starting to hurt.She starts pouting a little and telling him how badly she wants to pee her pants and says please one more time.He finally budges and with a big smile she says thank you baby!She finally starts to pee her pants and is moaning with relief and pleasure.She says she wants to show him the wet spot so she gets out of the car and shows him the front and back of her jeans. Then she says I still have to pee, I hope none of the neighbours will see. Secretly she is kind of hoping someone sees her. She stands there and completely FLOODS her jeans.She shows off the wet spots and then gets back in the car. She thanks her boyfriend again for letting her pee her jeans.

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