Amateur Boxxx – Teacher Fucks Student in front of Virtual Class

So Alice had the choice to either learn remotely this fall or head back to her Campus and do in person leaning. She had been away from her friends for so long that she decided to enroll in on campus learning. When she showed up for the first day of school she was a little shocked. She was the only one in her entire History class that opted for on campus learning while all of her classmates opted for virtual learning. Well, Alice’s teacher didn’t seem to be too happy either because he wanted to teach from home but
had to come to school because of Alice. He lets her know that he wasn’t happy. Alice tried to apologize and
told him that she was just lonely in her dorm and she needed some social interaction. Meanwhile, all of her classmates were online in ZOOM watching the Professor teach class. Alice of course got bored as hell and started to flirt with the teacher who tried to ignore her. Alice then sat on her desk, spread her legs open and started rubbing her panties over her tight little pussy. M. Smith tried to tell her to stop while he looked away and continued to teach the class. But Alice doesn’t care and she crawls under his desk and begins to give him a Blowy in the middle of class. He jumps a little but can’t stop her because he is in a Virtual lesson. Alice continues to blow him and suck on his balls. Mr. Smith continued to teach for a few more minutes then he told the class he was putting them in break out rooms to work together, while he helped Alice with her malfunctioning laptop. Mr.Smith proceeds to eat her sweet little pussy until it’s sopping wet and ready to be fucked. Alice begs him for her first cock in 6 months and Mr. Smith gives her a shafting of lifetime. He fucks her silly then he shoots his load on her face. When they are done fucking
Alice laughs and points to her laptop which was streaming the entire fuck fest to the whole class virtually. Mr. Smith freaks out and runs out of the classroom. He’s definitely gonna get fired.

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