Amazon Goddess Harley – Add Insult To Injury (Full Movie)

Karma was supposed to come over for a happy girls night sleep over but It turns out her ex boyfriend just attacked her on her way over… and well, her pussy and tight little asshole got violated and used.

Karma was expecting me to be a good friend and take her to the hospital and hold her hand while she to filed a report on the attack… but it turns out, the sadistic side in me just couldn’t resist fucking her over! I mean it’s so hot… I told her she deserved everything that happened to her because she’s such a little whore, LOL! I asked her what she did to deserve this beating, LOL… and then I’ll hold her down and finger her bruised and used pussy until she thanks me for treating her like the fuck hole she is!

Oh, and I also let it be known that I actually was in on the fact that her ex was gonna do that to her, LOL! I instigated the whole thing just to do a mental mind fuck on her when she got here! Her ex was sending me pictures of her beatings while she was getting her holes stuffed!

Little whores deserved to get fucked and I loved telling Karma.RX that I was texting her ex-boyfriend while he was roughly using her holes. Now that she’s duct taped up I can really rub it in! I’m gonna fuck her with a fat dildo in her bruised pussy till she cums as she begs me to stop.

I dressed my new slave girl, Karma.RX, dress as my filthy little maid and crawl behinds me at my feet. After I break her and make her kiss my shoe, I move on to foot gagging her with my stocking feet!

I put some pathetic dawg ears on her along with a tail and started the rest of the degradation process of my new slave girl, Karma.RX. I wrote filthy slurs on her body like “Cum Dump” and “Worthless Cunt”. It only gets worse from there, LOL. Next it’s time to bend her ass over and whip her till she begs me to stop by worshiping my feet!

The final humiliation of Karma.RX is when I make her dress up as a pathetic sissy girl complete with a super degrading bow in her hair. All so that she can suck my strap-on dick and practice for all the guys I have coming over to use her holes. She needs to get used to the big shots of the gold stuff in her face too, haha!

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