Andrea Rosu – Embarrassed Deadly Assassin

I’ve come here to take you down! Your magical powers are no match for my brute strength and martial arts skills. I wouldn’t be so smug and dismissive if I were you!!

I will spare you the embarrassment and let you go if you stop bothering me, states the mysterious woman. To which of course, I balk at her stupidity!

The mysterious woman sighs, snaps her fingers, and all of a sudden I feel something bulky under my sleek catsuit. I initially try to play it off, pretending like I don’t have what feels like a diaper on all of a sudden. But the mysterious woman knows exactly what’s going on and starts to tease and humiliate me. I try to hide the bulk of the diaper behind my hands, but it’s far too obvious.

The mysterious woman pokes and grabs at my diapered bottom, commenting on how much sound it makes and how I no longer look like such a bad ass assassin! I hope you don’t wet yourself from all the embarrassment!

All of a sudden, my diaper feels even heavier, as if I did just wet myself. I can’t believe what’s happening! I’m so ashamed!! I’m a assassin!! This isn’t supposed to happen!!

The mysterious woman snaps her fingers, and all of a sudden my catsuit is gone and I’m left standing in my wet heavy diaper and some frilly girly bra. I start to beg for mercy. I can’t take more humiliation and embarrassment!! Please let me go, and I promise you’ll never see from me again.

But the mysterious woman has other plans for me!!!!

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