Angel The Dreamgirl – One Chance Now Or Never (Part 1)

Lyle is an AirBnb owner, he’s the typical nerdy guy who doesn’t get much attention of attractive women. His houseguests tend to be very ordinary people who come and go quite frequently.

One Friday he receives a reservation request from a woman called Angel, he’s received women in his house before but none of them has caught his attention. Her profile on the AirBnB app doesn’t have a photo. He accepts to accommodate her because he needs the money.

It’s Saturday in the afternoon, Lyle is reading a newspaper on the living room when the door rings. Quite unwillingly he gets up to open the door. When he does it, he receives the surprise of a lifetime, an amazingly sexy and voluptuous woman is at the door. His jaw drops to the floor as he scans all her body with his eyes. Angel looks at him with estranged eyes and breaks the ice.

Angel: ‘’Are you Lyle?’’.

Lyle reacts as he comes out of his trance.

Lyle: ‘’Err, yes, I’m sorry. Welcome, please do come in’’.

Angel enters the house, she’s wearing a scandalously sexy tight mini-skirt that accentuates her long legs and her perfect ass; and a highly claveaged tank top that shows Maxie’s amazing round boobs.

Lyle cannot stop looking at her body as Maxie looks at the house. He tries to play it cool so she doesn’t find out he’s incredibly horny for her.

Lyle: ‘’You’re free to use the whole house, nothing is out of limits for you. Please feel at home’’.

Angel: ‘’Thank you, Klaus. Can you point me to my room?’’

Lyle: ‘’For sure, it’s upstairs’’.

He grabs her suitcase and insists she goes first. Angel starts climbing the stairs and Lyle gets behind her. He peeks up her skirt, he’s exhilarated by the view. Just when Angel gets to the top of the stairs, she turns around because she knows she’s wearing a very short miniskirt and finds it odd that he insisted in her going up first. Lyle reacts just in time so she doesn’t notice what he was doing.

Lyle: “So, here’s your bedroom, sheets are new and your bathroom is down the hallway to the left. If you need anything I’ll be downstairs”.

Angel thanks him and Lyle goes downstairs. When he reaches the living room, he finally breathes and gasps heavily, his heart is pounding hard. He cannot believe he’s sharing his house with such a voluptuous woman, she’s sexier than most celebrities. She’s leaving tomorrow so he needs to find a way to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity he’s sure won’t repeat itself in a long time.

Lyle suffers from sleep deprivation, so every night he takes some pills to help him sleep. They are quite strong and the effects last for a minimum of eight hours. Not even a sledgehammer to his head can wake him once he has taken them.

That’s the moment a brilliant idea comes to his mind. He can find a way to give her the pills, he’s not sure how at first but then he figures it out. It’s certainly a bold and dangerous plan that will consist in slipping the pills in her coffee.

He goes to the kitchen and prepares a fresh coffee. After waiting a few minutes, the coffee is ready. He crushes the pills and adds the fine powder to the coffee, he makes sure they are perfectly mixed and diluted.

He returns to the living room and sits in the sofa pretending like nothing happened. After a few minutes he hears her coming downstairs.

Angel: “Wow, did I smell some freshly made coffee?”.

Lyle: “Indeed, I just made a fresh coffee”.

Angel: “Could I trouble you with some?”.

Things couldn’t get more easy to him. She’s drinking the coffee willingly.

He’s amazed of how friendly she is. Most guests don’t bother to make any conversation with him, they act like ghosts when they are at the house. Still, he knows she’s being friendly because she is a decent person and not because she’s interested in him.

Lyle: “For sure, let me get it for you”.

He’s shaking of excitement but he’s also nervous that the plan can fail.

He goes to the kitchen and pours her a cup of coffee. To avoid any suspicions he gets one for him too.

He returns to the living room where Angel is already waiting for him sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, she looks so sexy.

Lyle: “Here’s your tea”.

Angel: “Thank you, you’re very kind. Do you mind if I take my laptop out to do some work?”.

Lyle: “Not at all, as I told you earlier, feel yourself at home”.

Angel gets her laptop and returns to Klaus in the living room. She starts drinking the coffee as he looks at her doing it. He’s worried that she notices something’s wrong with the flavour and realizes he’s relaxing pills her. Out of fear, he asks.

Lyle: “How’s your tea?” (nervous voice).

Angel: “It’s quite good, thank you”.

Lyle feels relieved when she says that and now wonders if the dissolved pills are going to have an effect on her.

As Angel works on her laptop, sitting next to him on the couch, Lyle pretends to read his newspaper but he’s actually looking at her, scanning her gorgeous body and waiting for the pills to work their magic.

After several minutes, Angel starts yawning. He cannot believe this is happening. He plays dumb and asks her if she’s OK?

Angel: “I haven’t felt so tired in my entire life. Maybe all the constant travelling this past few weeks are catching up with me”. She touches her head.

Her grogginess makes her look even hotter. Lyle cannot wait to grope her body all over, her sexy outfit is turning him on. He thinks to himself, what was she thinking about when she decided to dress so provocatively when she knew she was going to stay at a stranger’s house? He’s certainly grateful she took that decision.

Angel is so groggy by now that Klaus feels the confidence to get very close to her and look at those amazing round boobs. He starts rubbing her shoulders and her neck.

Lyle: “Are you OK?”.

Angel: “I’m fine, I just need a minute (her words become slurred)”.

Lyle starts caressing her legs very tenderly. She doesn’t even notice he’s doing that.

Lyle: “Go to sleep you sexy thing. I’ve been dreaming of having a girl like you in my house for a long time”.

Angel: “What was that? I cannot hear you (Almost passing out)”.

She relaxed and falls on his lap. Her process to finally go relaxed was certainly very sexy to behold. Lyle was rock hard down there by now. He proceeds to accommodate here on the couch (careful not to make her skirt go up and show her panties), face up, all her body lying flat.

He knows she’s out but he still wants to take precautions. Lyle kneels close to her and starts shaking her arms and calling her name. He does it again but now with more intensity, her boobs wiggle with the movement. No response, she’s relaxed.

His dreams have finally come true, she has a very sexy woman lying knocked out on his couch. He can do whatever he wants to her.

As she’s laying face up, he decides to start with her boobs. He takes both of his hands to her assets and leaves them hovering inches close.

As soon as he touches her boobs, he retreats his hands immediately. He checks on her, she’s sleeping peacefully.

He does it again but now doesn’t stop, he’s almost sure she won’t wake up. He starts caressing her boobs very tenderly at first but after a few minutes he gets the confidence to grope them with more determination, they feel so good on the grasp of his hands. He pinches his arm to make sure he’s not dreaming.

Now it’s time to pull her tank top up to grasp them at their fullest. After doing it, they pop out storming like two missiles. Lyle is in awe! He starts squeezing them hungrily, they feel so good.

Those lips of her are so sexy and mushy so he kisses her. He thinks on how he would have not been able of getting an opportunity to kiss a girl like her in other circumstances. That turns him on even more.

He lowers his kisses through her neck, until he reaches her boobs. They taste so good. He sucks her nipples.

After several minutes of enjoying her boobs, groping, squeezing and kissing them he decides it’s time to move on. A very sexy part of her body has not been groped yet.

Very slowly he turns her over until she’s face down. That delicious ass is finally at his service waiting to be groped. Her miniskirt is so tight that it hasn’t lifted itself up after all the movement, it’s still in position. Lyle is grateful of that because he didn’t want to have the surprise spoiled. He caresses her ass and legs very tenderly over her miniskirt at first, the fabric feels so good.

He’s taunting himself by prolonging the inevitable but then decides it’s enough waiting. He takes both of his hands and grabs each side of the miniskirt, with his fingertips he starts pulling it up, he does it very slowly because he wants to enjoy every second of this moment, her miniskirt goes higher up and higher up, he’s breathing so heavily and his heart is pounding so hard. Her ass cheeks become more visible. He continues to lift her skirt until he gets to see what he was waiting for since Maxie arrived and went up the stairs. A ludicrously sexy thong appears when her tight miniskirt reaches her waist. Lyle cannot believe his eyes, he pinches his arm again in disbelief.

What a beautiful round ass she has. He hovers his hands over her cheeks at first to taunt himself but almost immediately he decides it’s enough and starts groping her delicious ass cheeks and legs, he takes his hands all over them, not leaving an inch left untouched. He touches the thong’s fabric and wedgies her ass with it.

He squeezes her ass heavily and even spanks it. He wants to taste her ass so he starts kissing her cheeks all over, the noise it makes is glorious, he even bites them tenderly to not leave any marks. He pulls her thong down and licks her pussy (this scene is optional as long as you’re comfortable with it).

He pulls her thong back in place, he loves how it looks on her ass. He doesn’t remove her high heels (VERY IMPORTANT).

After 10 minutes of the AirBnB host fondling Angel on the couch, he carries her and takes her to the bedroom. He throws her (not so rough) on the bed. (This part I’m going to write next is new, so I need you to confirm various details). He finds your suitcase next to the bed and opens it to see what other sexy outfits you have.

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