Angel The Dreamgirl – The Best Golden Orgasms

The clip start with you at the pc. You are a sex lover girl but with one problem: you have never had an orgasm. You tried everithing but no way. You read on a web site about a man that promese golden orgasms and you decide to write to him. The day after the man comes at your house. When the man is involved, the clip should be filmed like if the man is who is watching the clip. So your man should hold the camera all the time. You don’t wanna waste any time so you undressed yourselfe remaining with the classic red high heels only. He fucks you in doggy style position and when you reach the orgasm you become a gold statue. The gold thing is not permanent. After a little time you are human again. You are so happy to have reached the orgasm that you want more. The same scenario repeats for another 2 times with different posittion but with the same dinamic. Fuck, orgasm, gold statue, back human. After the third time when you wake up the man is gone, but you find a gift from him. A golden dildo. You masturbate yourselfe on your feet. The clip ends with you as a gold statue after the orgasm with the dildo.

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