Ashley Fires Fetish Clips - Brother Gets His Christmas Wish - Part 2

Still unsure if she wants to go through it, Chi tries to figure out another way to get money. But her Brother is going ahead as planned. He tells her this is the only for them to make some quick cash and it’s no big deal. They used to fool around when they were younger so why not now and of course why not film it! She tries to back out as he turns on the camera and tells her to take off her clothes. She is all of sudden shy so he helps her in a forceful way. He tells her to start sucking his cock but she is hesitant. He grabs her head and starts fucking her mouth and then throws her on the bed and shoves his cock inside her. He reminds her that she loves fucking her Brother and makes her say it! She gets on top of her Brother and starts to ride him until she cums all over his cock! He grabs his Sister and fucks her from behind and makes her say “I love being my Brother’s Whore!” His sister cums over and over. She begs for his cum and he tells her that he is going to cum inside of her. She let’s him know that she is not on birth control and he can’t cum inside of her. He pulls his big cock out and sprays his cum all over her pussy. He says that she is going to get his cum inside of her and he begins to finger his cum into her well fucked pussy. Then he makes her finger her cunt with her own Brothers cum! They kiss and he let’s her know that he will be fucking her whenever he wants now and she won’t be getting any of the money! But that didn’t matter to Chi she just wanted her Brothers cock inside of her again!

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  • Ashley Fires Fetish Clips – Brother Gets His Christmas Wish – Part 2. Please email me the cast/actress name. Thanks.