Ashley Fires Fetish Clips - Brother Gets His Christmas Wish

Chi hears a knock at herbedroom door and she knows who it is. “Go away!’ she yells. Her Brother comesin anyways. She tells him to leave and to stop bugging her.He tells her he won’t ask again butjust to please consider the offer one last time.He has been bugging her for days about this guy who will pay themA LOT of money just to film them fooling around. They can film it themselves and no one will ever know about it besides this guy. But she thinks her Brother is one just a pervert and two will just to take all the money for himself! Her Brother explains that they both need the money because their parents always get them reallyexpensive gifts and they can never afford to get them anything nice. “So this year could be different all we have to do is film us doing what we used to do when we were younger. Remember years ago. We used to have fun.” he says. She smiles and asks him what exactly they have to do. He tells her that they don’t have to film it they can just practice for now. They kiss. They both remember how much they really liked each other and their kissing becomes more passionate. He takes off her bra and can’t believe how big her breasts have gotten! He convinces her to let him go down on her. As he gently licks her pussy she starts to moan loudly. He covers her mouth and reminds her that their parents are downstairs. He makes her cum like no one has made her cum before! He takes off his pants and moves towards her. She freaks out and says they have to stop and pushes him away. But her Brother said that wasn’t fair and says she has to! He grabs her by the hair and tells her that she is going to be his slut and rams his cock in her mouth. He shoves his cock deep down her throat until her eyes water and she gags. He faces fucks her until his Sister begs for more. He throws her down on the bad and starts fucking her slut mouth even harder. He makes her say that she is her Brother’s whore and will shoot any video he wants her to. She begs for his cum and he shoots his load all over her face. She doesn’t want to eat his cum but he makes her do it. Every drop of it! He tells her to get cleaned up because he is going to fuck her later and film it! His Christmas wish is coming true. He is going to fuck his sister and get paid for it! Best Christmas Ever! THIS PART 1 OF A 2 PART CLIP

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