Asiacruelfemdom – ACF182 Rich women super vicious punish female slave

Starring: YPS , XH
A rich and noble woman owns a listed company. And one day her husband came to her company find her, and when he left, he accidentally bumped into this poor woman. When the poor female employee was about to fall, the female boss husband hugged her to avoid falling to the ground. This scene was seen by the narrow-minded female boss. So at night, she called the female employee to her room and beat very cruel to the poor and innocent female employee. Very vicious punishment! She thought the female employee was seducing her husband. So she viciously kicked the female employee in the face with her high heels, boots and feet, and the female boss wanted to kick her face until she was disfigured. Because no man loves an ugly face full of bruises and scars! The evil lady boss even kicked her pussy with high heels! Hit her pussy with a stick! Also as a woman, she knew how painful it would be! And the poor female employee had to suffer desperately just for her salary

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