Bare Back Studios – Vanessa Cage – Stuck

Scene One: Dropping My Ring

Vanessa is crashing at her sister’s house for the weekend because her house is being fumigated for termites! She makes it clear to her sister, Cory, that she doesn’t like her husband Luke and she will be staying here for as short as possible. Cory insists that she’s just jealous of their marriage, but Vanessa tells her that she has no reason to be jealous… especially because she has a super hott step-son! Vanessa walks over to the kitchen to put her coffee cup in the sink, when she accidentally drops her wedding ring down the drain! She reaches down in to the drain to grab it and she ends up getting her hand stuck as well! She starts yelling for Cory to come help her but then she remembers that Cory went out to the store. She starts calling for her step-son, J-Mac, to come help her. He tries pulling her hand out but it is really stuck down there! As she pulls her hand, she keeps backing her ass up in to JMac’s cock. She starts to rub her hand over his cock with her one free hand. J-Mac pulls his pants down, revealing his hard cock, as he lifts her dress up. He shoves his big cock inside of her pussy and starts fucking her while her hand is still stuck down the drain! “Fuck me like your father does! Give it to your step-mom” she moans. He lifts her dress all the way up so he can watch her big tits bounce as he fucks her. He continues to fuck her pussy until he cums deep inside of her pussy…

Scene Two: Dropped the Remote

Vanessa, Cory and J-Mac are sitting on the couch watching T.V. Cory is about to meet Luke for dinner so she gets up, leaving Vanessa home alone with her step-son. Vanessa shoves her hand in to the couch cushion because she is looking for the remote; this time, her watch gets stuck on some of the fibers inside of the cushion! She asks J-Mac to help her again, but he tells her that he doesn’t want to help her because it might lead to them fucking and he doesn’t think that’s the right thing to do. “What your dad doesn’t know won’t hurt him!” Vanessa promises him. J-Mac agrees with her and he pulls his cock out for his step-mom to give him a blowjob. “Why don’t you take my robe off for me?” she asks him, since her hand is still stuck in the couch. She continues to suck his cock and lick it up and down… “Do you want to fuck your step-mom again?” she asks him. She gets in the doggy style position as he fucks her pussy from behind. “Your pussy is so good!” he tells her. She flips over in to the missionary position, with her hand still stuck in the couch! He puts her foot over his shoulder as he fucks her pussy. “That cock feels so fucking good!” she moans. When he gets close to cumming, he pulls his cock out of her and jerks himself off in to her mouth and on her face. “Don’t tell my dad, okay?” he asks her. “As long as you don’t tell him that I lost my ring down the drain!” she replies… J-Mac says that he is going to go look for Cory to help her get out from being stuck…

Scene Three: Blackmailed

Vanessa is still laying on the couch with her hand stuck in the couch cushion. “J-Mac! What’s taking so long?!” she yells in to the other room. Luke, her sister’s husband, ends up walking in the room instead! He questions her as to why she is naked on the couch; He also asks why he saw J-Mac running out of the room before. Luke sits down on the couch next to Vanessa and starts to take photo’s of him next to her bare ass! “I’m sure your wealthy husband wouldn’t like these photos!” he tells her. Vanessa can smell the blackmail coming a mile away so she quickly offers to fuck her sister’s husband in exchange for deleting those photo’s! She is repulsed by this idea because she never liked Luke in the first place! However, she doesn’t want her husband or her sister to see those photos… So, she starts to suck Luke’s cock with her hand still stuck in the couch cushion! She starts to give him a blowjob but it doesn’t take him long to get behind her on the couch and fuck her in the doggy style position! “Do you like fucking your wife’s hot sister?” she asks her brother-in-law. “Maybe I’ll get to fuck you both at the same time one day!” he replies. She flips over on to her back, looks up at Luke, and says “I liked it better in the doggy position because I almost forgot it was YOU fucking me!” she says. “My sister’s gonna hate me…but I bet you’ve been dreaming about fucking your wife’s sister!” Luke agrees that he has been wanting to fuck her for a while. “I don’t want to get you pregnant so I’m going to cum in your pretty mouth!” he tells her. Vanessa is hesitant at first, but she agrees because she doesn’t have a choice… since she is being blackmailed after all! He pulls out and jerks his cock off on to her face, exploding in her mouth and all over her face. When they are done, he takes another blackmail photo of her with his cum all over her face! Then he grabs her hand and easily pulls it out from the cushion… “This is a trick couch!!” he tells her, as he walks off with the photos still on his phone…

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