Brat Princess 2 – Punishment Fucked By Mom & Sister feat. Goddess Brianna & Kat Soles

Ellis must always obey his younger sister. If he disobeys, Mom has given her daughter the permission to punish fuck her brother. Kat will be allowed to fuck her brother as punishment whenever he deserves it. Ellis must serve his younger sister and all her friends, doing whatever they say. If he refuses, Kat will fuck her brother’s ass more and harder! Brianna, Kat and Ellis’ Mother, shows her daughter a few tips on how to fuck a beta, like her brother, into submission. The state has ordered all beta’s to be controlled by their Mothers until such a time as they can surrender to a Keyholder outside of the family. Kat fucks her brother’s mouth with a dildo while his Mother fucks his ass. Ellis squirms and makes a fuss. The fuck hurts, but he doesn’t have a choice. After the fuck, Ellis must thank his Mother and sister for his beta training.

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