Brookelynne Briar – Temptress Of Chance

You have come to me seeking release from your bondage. You have been locked away in chastity for some time and hope that I can set your cock free. Unfortunately, that decision is not up to me. Your freedom comes down to chance. You will need to roll a dice and the the numbers will determine your fate. But first, I must make sure that you are worthy. I tease you with my body and stroke my cock, mimicking all the actions you wish you could do. As I stroke, your cock grows in it’s cage, desperate to be touched. After witnessing your sweet agony, I allow you to roll the dice. If the dice grants you release, I instruct you to edge with me. If the dice denies your release, you will have no choice but to watch me tease you. I then instruct you to roll the dice one last time to see if you will be allowed to cum. Your orgasm or your potential denial once again comes down to fate and chance.

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