BruceAndMorgan – Intermittent Showers (2020.08.08)

One of our more experimental videos! This was 100% my idea and I love it so let me explain what I was going for. Have you ever seen those japanese videos where a fake newswoman reads the latest events while seemingly unaware that she is getting covered in cum or piss from dozen of strangers? This is the concept I was trying to capture here, but with everyday situations instead. I love the idea that Bruce would put a magic spell on me or something and could then just relieve himself all over my head and clothes whenever he wanted throughout the day, and I would be completely oblivious to it. I guess what I find so exciting is the feeling of him having the power to defile me whenever he wants, injecting this dirty sexual energy into day-to-day activites… not sure I’m explaining myself well but I hope some of you “get it” and also get a kick out of this creation of ours! It’s the first time we mix music into the editing process, let me know what you think. – Morgan

The first scene starts with Morgan in the kitchen cutting vegetables while Bruce is standing on the counter and pisses all over her. He jerks off and cums over all the tomatoes, Morgan drinks Bruce’s piss from a cup. In the second scene we see Morgan sitting next to the bed reading a book from an e-reader. Bruce approaches her and pisses all over her while she ignores everything and keeps on reading. He pulls up her shirt to expose Morgan’s small breasts and finishes peeing on her.

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