Butt3rflyforu - Its Just You And Mommy Now

Butt3rflyforu – Its Just You And Mommy Now

You come out to the kitchen to find mommy cleaning out the cabinets in the kitchen. Your step father is leaving us and I can’t afford this place. So we need to find a one bedroom apartment together, but don’t worry honey, we can make it! You can’t stop staring at me because I simply put on a sundress without panties and when I was on my step stool, you can’t a glimpse of my bare pussy. You instantly starting getting an erection. You have always looked at me with lust. You know you shouldn’t but now that loser step dad is moving out, this is great! I catch you looking up my skirt and had a confession….your heart was pumping and your cock was throbbing…you know I haven’t had sex in months….dad was a loser and didn’t know how to treat me…god….if the confession was just what you are hoping things would be amazing!!!!!! Are you ready honey to hear it?

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