Cassandra Cain – The Magic Bottle

Cassandra is cleaning the attic and stumbles across an old crystal bottle. She remembers that her aunt had hidden it several years ago saying that it had the power to grant wishes, but that it was evil. Cassandra thinks to herself.. “What could be evil about some free wishes? I know exactly what to use the wishes for.. I’m finally going to get tied up!”

Later that day when the house is empty and Cassandra is alone, she pulls the bottle out and places it on the table. “I don’t know why this was hidden away.. Seems like it could be very useful..” With that, she strips down to her satin panties and picks up the bottle. “Well, maybe if I open it..” She removes the crystal stopper and rubs the bottle. “Time to see if it worked.” she mumbles. She clears her throat and with a commanding voice she says “I wish my arms were tied up.”

POOF.. The magic bottle comes to life and with a puff of smoke, Cassandra is sitting there now with her arms and upper body tightly bound.

“Wow, this is amazing! And it’s really tight and comfortable too!… I wish my legs were tied up!”

Again the magic bottle does it’s job and Cassandra is sitting there marvelling at her now tied legs and ankles!

She struggles around for a bit, feeling out the tie. She tries to get out, but she finds it impossible to find any knots. “This is SO much better than how my lame boyfriend used to tie me up.. His ropes were so easy to shrug off..” She struggles for another few seconds before she slinks onto the floor and decides to make her situation truly helpless.

“I wish I was hogtied!”

POOF! Now extremely tightly hogtied on the floor, she knows there is no way out. She can barely even roll from side to side. “Only one thing left…” She says confidently.. “I wish I was gagged!”

POOF! a mouth fulling ball appears deeply strapped into her mouth. She tries to speak or moan, but the gag is very effective. “This is so great!” she exclaims again. “I can’t believe this worked! I am so helpless and wet right now!”

She struggles all around feeling out the tie and really playing up her best damsel in distress role for a long while. When she finally tires herself out, she decides it’s time to release herself. “I wish I was untied!”….was what she TRIED to say, but all that came out was MPPHhuu I mphhfu mmmmpphh!”.. Nothing happened. Cassandra’s heart rate speeds up. She tries again.. “MPPHH ai mmmmpphhff mmpphhffuuuu!!” Again nothing.. Cassandra panicks and thrashes around muffled yelling at the bottle to let her go, but to no avail.

Now she is really tired. She collapses onto her side and moans.. She knows theres no way out without being able to say the words properly. Her aunt should be home in a few hours.. Until then, she will have to lay there and think up a really good excuse for why she is tied up half naked on the living room rug!

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